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Seest thou a man diligent in his business? He shall stand before kings” —Proverbs of Solomon

Are you wasting time, energy and money on inefficient systems that neither serve you, your staff or your customers? Get the smart, clear, sensitive advice you need from an experienced systems analyst and facilitator. See immediate improvement with a results-driven, hands-on approach.

On-site Retail Systems Analyst and Managerial Consultant

Assessing and improving management skills and creating organizational systems which provide greater efficiency and increased customer satisfaction, accomplished on site by observing personnel, systems, procedures, merchandising, traffic flow and other pertinent factors in action. Then we develop, implement and integrate the new systems into existing business structure and organize the physical plant to support the most efficient use of time & energy. The advantages of being on site include being available to actually perform the daily business tasks, adjusting & refining new procedures for optimum success and to provide staff training.

bullet “Linda Pack has all of the skills and talent necessary to transform...

...any business into a smooth running operation. During the time she was with our company, she developed a complete Operations Manual that simply spelled out each step necessary to perform virtually every task in our retail store. Everything from sales, ordering and even keeping the building ship-shape is now easy to do and easy to explain to anyone. It makes training new employees so much easier! Everyone who wants their business to run smoother should definitely hire Linda.”

Scott Zeramby and Tracy Wolfson
Owners, Dirt Cheap Landscape Supply

bullet “Those who make use of all that Linda can bring to a project will benefit...

...far beyond their expectations. Linda and I worked closely together in the creation and maintenance of the Gallery Bookshop and Bookwinkle’s Children’s Books beginning in 1981 and continuing uninterruptedly for 25 years. Linda was indispensable to me and the operation. On the sales floor her creativity was manifest. Very little escaped her attention, her deep knowledge, her ability to handle details, and her penetrating sense of what is important and what is not.
On numerous occasions she made major projects easy by coordinating and following up on a myriad of details. I stand in awe of these talents!”

Anthony Miksak
Owner and Buyer, Gallery Bookshop, 1980-2006

Independent Business Management Coaching and Consulting

Goal oriented assessment and overview, Identifying needs related to efficient utilization of space, staff and tools in order to increase productivity & profitability, streamline procedures, improve sales and customer service. This will include implementation of intelligent and transparent daily processes and focused attention to special projects.

bullet “Linda Pack, The Organizing Principle, has helped me tremendously...

...with my business; she has helped me look at my business goals and missions with a new set of eyes. Her talents at insight, organization and management have given me the ability to step back from my business and take an objective look at what's working and what isn't. She has allowed me to build the courage necessary to move forward in these difficult times, and to keep me focused on my goals."

Robert Goleman
Owner, Hortus Botanicus, Nursery and Gardens

bullet “Systematic, practical, no-nonsense, fun, engaging, and logical...

Linda brings logic, fun and the promise of collaborative success through her engaging approach to the development of systematic procedures and measurements that boost productivity, employee retention and profit.
Linda Pack‘s ability to interpret business needs through the eyes of the customer and stakeholders is one of her key strengths; her eye for detail in both retail and back office systems allow others to achieve both company and individual goals."

Kristy Tanguay Cole,
Tasting Rooms Manager, Breggo Cellars

Custom Designed, Trackable, Paper-Based Retail Systems including Forms & Procedures.

You don’t want a computerized inventory system? You have one, but can’t make it work for you and it’s worse than having none? And what do you do when the power goes out? Rediscover the reassurance and accountability of the clearly defined and user-friendly paper trail! Specifically designed to suit your business needs and increase sales and customer satisfaction.

bullet “Linda Pack assisted me to develop professional compliance requirements...

...informative client letters, and appropriate letters back to the state notifying them of complete compliance while simultaneously improving my professional position."

Marilou Brewer
Traditional Naturopath


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